Fliptile FAQ background


What is Fliptile made of?
Fliptile is a hard-wearing, super plush carpet tile made with our stain-proof Miracle Fibre. Edges will not fray or lift so you can use it as a rug or fit it flush to a wall.
How much area does Fliptile cover?
One pack of Fliptile contains 8 tiles and covers 0.98m2.
Where is Fliptile available?
At the moment Fliptile is only available online at fliptile.co.za. We deliver anywhere in South Africa, straight to your door.
Do you glue Fliptile to your floor?
Fliptile doesn't require glue. The tiles stick to one another using adhesive stickers. You can easily move Fliptile without leaving glue marks on your tiles. You can see more about installing Fliptile on our How To page at fliptile.co.za/how-to
What colours is Fliptile available in?
You can view and experiment with our full range of colours on our Build + Buy page at fliptile.co.za/build
How much does Fliptile cost?
A single pack, containing 8 tiles, sells for R399.
Does Fliptile need to be edged?
Fliptile does not need to be edged. Fliptile edges will not fray or lift so you can use it as a rug or fit it flush to a wall.
Is Fliptile non-slip?
Fliptiles interlock and attach to each other so their weight and rigidity prevent slipping. We recommend that anti-slip mats be used for installations below 3m2 on smooth surfaces. Fliptile will not slip if fitted wall-to-wall or under furniture.
Is Fliptile durable and easy to clean?
Fliptile is made with Belgotex Miracle Fibre, which is highly durable, does not fade or wash out and is stain-resistant. Fliptile also has a 5-year guarantee against any patent and latent manufacturing defects and a limited wear warranty against excessive fibre loss.
Fliptile Dusk
6 x Cloud
1 Gravel, 2 Iron
R 2,394.00